My weight Loss Journey: Losing 80lbs+


My weight Loss Journey: Losing 80lbs+

Hi, Lovelies!

Losing weight was always super hard for me in the past. If you asked me how many diets I've been on, I wouldn't be able to tell you guys, it's s been countless times. During those times they have been tears, frustration that I just give up. My personal favourite reason of course plain just giving up because I wanted to binge on foods that I had restricted. That went on for many years till ended up gaining 6 stone!

I changed everything one morning before my 30th birthday. I went on the scales for the first time in years and I was 220lbs. I was shocked that I put a lot of weight in a short space of time. I decided then and there I had to change for myself and my family.

My weight Loss Journey: Losing 80lbs+

How I lost 80lbs

  • I started to count calories using apps - My favourite app to use was and still is Nutracheck! It helps you work out how many calories you need in a day to lose weight, gain weight or maintain. It also tells you the macros in food which is very helpful, especially if you count protein etc. 
  • I did workouts I liked - Everyone is different when it comes to fitness, we all like different things in other aspects in life and the same boils down to exercise too! I tried going to the gym but it's not something I enjoy most of the time. I much prefer walking, yoga and home workouts from brilliant YouTubers, such as Grow with Jo! They are great because they are free to use, just the occasional advert.
  • Accepted that they are plateaus - This out of all the things was the hardest for me to accept. I would get really upset with myself if I didn't lose one week or two but over time I realised my body is working hard for me, after that I am much more thankful to my body. 
  • Took the 80/20 approach - Now I am not perfect at this but it's definitely a baseline for me. I like to aim for 80% healthy foods then 20% of foods like treats, my favourites have to be chocolate and candy. Took me a while to understand this but I get why its so popular.

I hope this post was helpful to you guys! I posted a video above if you want to hear my story of losing 80lbs, give it a click and subscribe if you like my content.

Until next time