Honey Trap Plant-Based Bakery: Glasgow | Review

Honey trap Glasgow
Hi, Lovelies!

When it comes to cakes and pastries, I just fall in love! Whether it be sweet or savoury, I am a happy bunny (maybe I am a bit more softer towards sweet though) Honey Trap Bakery is based in the south side of Glasgow and they offer vegan pastries and cakes etc.

They is no sit down area but you can see what they have to offer in the window and you can even order celebration cakes from them online. 

I have been to the Honey Trap Bakery a few times over the past few months and its about time to share my opinion with you guys! 


4 Skirving Street
Glasgow, G41 3AA

Honey Trap Plant-Based Bakery: Glasgow | Review
Honey Trap Plant-Based Bakery: Glasgow | Review

What I Bought  
Chocolate Malt Sheet Cake with ChocMalt 
Filled Broche with Plum Spiced Compote and whipped Vanilla Custard Cream
Blueberry Almond Croissant
Cinnamon Bun 

My Thoughts 

Everything I have tried from Honey Trap has been absolutely amazing! I am never disappointed at all with my purchases.  

My stand-out favourites had to be the blueberry almond croissant and the cinnamon bun. The croissant was flaky and perfectly balanced with sweetness. The centre was filled with blueberry and almond cake which was absolutely divine. 


The cinnamon bun isn't like the usual cinnamon buns I have tried before, usually they are smothered with icing but this one is glazed with salty topping. The bun was a delicious blend of cinnamon with a hint of salt. This went so well with a cup of tea.

What is your favourite bakery?

Until next time 

Mel x