How to Eat Plain Greek Yogurt (low sugar & high protein)

How to eat plain yogurt

 Hello everyone! Today's post is fitness-inspired and if you are like me, then we might have a similar story. So I love eating protein-rich foods like plain Greek yoghurt which tastes amazing when combined with other ingredients. 

As a fitness enthusiast, yoghurt is one of my favourite ways to get protein into my diet quickly. My go-to was having flavoured protein yoghurts but I eventually got tired of the flavours. Looking at the labels, a lot of the flavours have a high amount of sugar in them and/or have artificial flavours which I want to avoid when possible.

A few months back I decided to ditch the flavoured artificial yoghurts and started having the much healthier option which is thick and protein-rich greek yoghurt. Over the past few months, I've tried enjoying it in various ways and I've put a little post about it below.

How to eat plain Greek Yogurt

Add Honey/Maple Syrup or any sweet sugar-free sweetener

Honey is my favourite topping! A little bit goes a long way too. For me, I like to add about 8g of honey per 150g of yoghurt, perfect sweetness with the added benefits of the honey. I buy raw honey whenever possible.

I also like to use MyProtein flava drops as they have zero calories and pack a punch in flavour.

Add some delicious fruit

There are many options you can add here, be adventurous! I enjoy sliced pineapple, strawberries or cotton candy flavoured grapes, they can be canned, frozen or fresh. It adds sweetness and is also part of your 5 a day, which is helpful.

Drizzle nut butter

I love peanut butter or even almond butter. Nut butter is a great way of adding healthy fats to your diet.

Find one you like

They are many choices out there, finding one you like makes a huge difference. I love thick and creamy yoghurt and Fage is all of that so it's my favourite, so yummy! They are many options out there, read the label and see what works for you.

Add toppings

Now the list here is endless! Oats are wonderful as they are a great source of fibre and add a lovely texture to the yoghurt. Other things you could add are choc chips, granola or chia seeds.

Be creative

You can make a fair amount of things with greek yoghurt. You can make a bark, marinade or a base of many protein recipes such as pancakes.

I hope this post inspired you

what are your favourite ways to eat greek yoghurt?

Until next time


  1. I have never had plain greek yogurt before. I will try out your ideas! Normally adding fruit helps me!

  2. I love adding honey and fresh berries! Sometimes I'll add chocolate chips too.

  3. Such great tips! I'm going to try these because I normally do not like greek yogurt!

  4. I have to have a flavored greek yogurt. The plain is gross to me and I can't eat it.

  5. Before I didn’t like the taste of yogurt but when I started my diet I started to love it! I would love to try this yogurt it look so good!

  6. I like to turn it into a savory low-cal dressing for a salad sometimes!

  7. Sometimes I like to turn it into something savory and mix it with balsamic vinegar and spices to have over a leafy salad!

  8. I've never been one for yogurt however, I do like the ones with fruit in them.

  9. I love plain Greek yogurt. I use it a lot for breakfast but even as a dressing! I love it with fruit and honey!

  10. I eat Greek yogurt all the time! I like to cook and bake with it too!

  11. I do love honey with yogurt too. I also eat it either with fruit or plain.

  12. I enjoy some honey or toppings on greek yogurt. These are great ideas. I haven't had greek yogurt in a while, and it would be nice to get some with the school year starting on Tuesday!