Yo! Sushi Glasgow - Review

yo sushi glasgow
Hello Everyone!

Yo Sushi! Is one of my favourite places to grab a bite to eat sometimes whenever I go shopping and have some time out for lunch. Glasgow has a fair amount to choose from and they are nationwide too. Yo Sushi! is a Japanese food restaurant and has a variety of food to choose from such as miso soup, sushi and katsu curry. 

Since Covid-19 the way the restaurant works is a little different. First, you may need to book in advance so you can be sure they are plenty of space. Secondly, they are social distancing in the restaurant and you need to order and pay for your food via phone. Once you enter you need to apply hand sanitizer. I am very happy with the safety precautions they have taken. 
The restaurant does have a reduced menu which is totally understandable as many places do right now. They are still plenty to choose from including options for pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans. 

I did find choosing food a little longer than usual because my 4G isn't brill on my phone and you need to make an account etc, so a little extra time for this is needed. 

Once all that is done food does come very quickly which is a plus! I have tried many dishes and have to say my favourites have to be the Avacodo maki and the Pumpkin Katsu curry.

Pumpkin Katsu curry is made with naturally sweet crispy bites of kabocha pumpkin and is topped with mild curry sauce, spring onion and steamed rice. The combination is just heavenly. The portion size is generous and very filling. 

Avocado maki is made with avocado (obviously lol) and vegan mayo wrapped in a nori roll! The avocado is always perfectly soft and goes so well in maki! 

Finding out the calories and things like that is pretty easy to find on their website. 

Some quick info on some of them
Avocado Maki: 203 Calories
Salmon Maski: 194 Calories
Pumpkin Katsu Curry: 434 Calories
Prawn Katsu Curry: 431 Calories

Price: ££ / 5
Rating: 5 / 5  

Have you been to Yo! Sushi? What are your favourites to choose from?
Mel x